Posted by: Tanya Bindl, D. C. | April 3, 2013

Overeating on Holidays

In light of this past weekend being Easter, we were quite inspired to write about one very fitting topic – the topic of overeating.

We are all guilty of it, especially on the holidays with so many of our holidays being centered around or celebrated with a large, bountiful feast.  Of course, it is quite clear that overeating happens on regular days too, as the obesity percentage of this country continues to rise at alarming rates, especially among children.

However, for today, we want to focus on overeating particularly on holidays.

The most important thing is that, although you are probably perfectly aware that you maybe ate a few more pieces of candy than you probably should have,  you still must not feel guilty.  The guilt, more than anything, is what drives us to do even more overeating further down the road.  We all have been there.  We realize that we may have had just a few peeps too many, and we immediately begin to berate ourselves for it.  There’s a self loathing that can creep up on you, and although it can happen quite involuntarily, we want to leave an encouraging message today that will dispel that lingering feeling.

Accept that it happened, maybe eat a lighter lunch the next day or add to your workout routine, and be aware so you can alter your behavior when the next holiday comes around, but do not psychologically punish yourself.

We hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.  And if you did happen to overeat (we admit that we did ourselves), remind yourself that it can happen, but that you will make more healthy decisions the next time around.  Don’t beat yourself up; you are still awesome.

Thanks for reading.


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