Posted by: Tanya Bindl, D. C. | February 14, 2013

Valentine’s Day Special: Symptom Free Doesn’t Always Mean You’re Healthy


This Valentine’s day, I encourage you to treat yourself.  And no, I am not talking about the “Parks and Recreation” version where you go on a massive shopping spree.

Instead, treat yourself by being healthy and be proactive about your health.

Most people are very responsive to their pain, and most often, it is the state that I see my patients in.  When there is pain, there is obviously something wrong; it’s a statement that all of us can agree on.

However,  what we don’t always realize is that how we feel is not always the best indication of how healthy we actually are.  Our body does not always send us pain or drastic signs when something deeper is wrong.  Diseases can also lay latent, unrealized and untreated, and therefore festering.

Often, pain is a symptom we feel once the problem has reached the highest extreme; the subtle signs are ignored.  These more subtle signs include, but are not limited to, having no energy, sleeping poorly, always fatigued, and suffering from constant headaches. Sometimes we may feel fine, normal, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that every complex system inside of us is running as smoothly as it both can and should be.

I encourage everyone to be especially proactive about their health.  It should be the number one priority because without it, we either have a very low quality of life or no life at all.

Of course, I also encourage chiropractic care as a way to be proactive.  It’s safe, effective, and non-invasive.  Long standing subluxations/misalignments in your spine and your joints can have a huge impact on how smoothly your nervous system is running.  Still, there are other ways; regular exercise, drinking enough water, eating the right foods, and make sure you have regular check-ups.

So treat yourself to health this Valentines day… and maybe only have a tiny bit of chocolate.


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