Posted by: Tanya Bindl, D. C. | January 29, 2013


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About Dr. Tanya Bindl, D.C. :

Dr. Bindl is originally from a small, rural town in WI.  She graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic and is now a practicing chiropractor in the beautiful state of Arizona.  Owning a small business is always a challenge, but one that is extremely rewarding.  She loves being active and healthy and is inspired by what she does and who she meets every single day.  She hopes to use this blog not only to share helpful tips to living a healthy lifestyle, but also to share the wonders of chiropractic care with her readers.



  1. I agree with the comment that the term “doctor” comes down to semantics. I think the general public tends to assume that “doctor” refers to MD and that the patient will be receiving primary care services if they are seeing a “doctor.” I believe it is our role as health care providers to educate our patients on our limitations as practitioners and teach them when they should seek each professional. Simply explaining to a patient that you have the title of doctor is insufficient because it leads them to believe that you are capable of identifying red flags indicative of pathology and catching certain illnesses. Chiropractic is a wonderful addition to health maintenance but it is not a substitute for a regular check up with a physician, dentist, optometrist, etc.

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